Who am I ?

My name is Cyrille, I am teaching the piano, music theory, and composition in France.

I started learning the piano in 1994, and left the music academy in 2007 with 5 gold medals : Piano, chamber music, music theory, music analysis, musical culture.

In 2017, I successfully passed my jazz harmony's gold medal.

Since 2018, I decided to focus on composing music for independant peoples who need free musics for their projects (Video games, movies, YouTube videos...)

My inspirations come from classical music, jazz, video games...

I'm composing for classical instruments (piano, trumpet, drums...), for that, I'm using Notion 6, this software has outstanding realistic sounds.

I'm also composing electronic music, I'm using OpenMTP for that.

If you need musics for your project, feel free to visit my website, and hear some of my compositions.